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Tue, 24 May 2016
Stand Up and Be Counted Workshop for Women in business (value £1800)
Join Ernst & Young, PWC and RBS who have found enlisting a workshop invaluable for management and client events.
Jojo Sutherland is a stand-up comedian, writer, actor and broadcaster who has been working within the entertainment industry for over 2 decades. She continues to perform in major comedy clubs worldwide which has included several Middle East tours and remains one of the few women to go to military bases both home and abroad to entertain armed forces.
Stand Up and be Counted workshops offer development in the following areas
  • Assertiveness
  • Confidence
  • Presentation skills
  • Effective networking
  • Public speaking
  • Developing business relationships
A session will take you through a series of exercises to develop you or your team and provide you with techniques, tips and information to arm you for business.
The key focus is to address fears and doubts in everything from presentations to networking, dealing with demanding clients or negotiating with challenging colleagues using comedy at its core. This creative and entertaining approach offers a refreshingly new perspective to development. 

Quite recent-ish news:

Tue, 24 MAY 2016

I am delighted to announce that i will be playing a leading role in a new play devized and written by keir Macallister called F.R.A.N.C which will be on every day at The Stand comedy club on York place at 1.35pm . Keir was recently voted best writer for the second year running at the prestigious...